What Things To Avoid In Professional Email List Marketing?

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Every day more blunders are seen in Digital Marketing. Know what they are so you don't commit them in your digital strategy. Digital Marketing has become in recent years -unfortunately- in a factory of errors thanks to the little knowledge of the area and the lack of professionalism of the brands when implementing it. Given this, we show you the things you should avoid when implementing a Digital Marketing strategy and thus be able to professional email list yourself from the competition: Also read: Online Advertising: What is retargeting and how to implement it on Facebook? 1. Copy articles Plagiarism is one of the most recurrent practices in our country. When you start to carry out a Digital Marketing plan based on articles, choose topics that you know and master perfectly, since that makes it original.

If you are going to take ideas from other blogs or pages, quote them or link the word or phrase to the website the idea came from. Do not forget that Google penalizes blogs that have more than 20% of plagiarized content. 2. Don't use hashtags for everything As a brand, you must understand that the hashtag should only professional email list be used as part of a campaign strategy and not to mention any topic. Although it is true that it generates more interactions on social networks, in the medium term you can be seen as a little serious brand. 3. Accept irresponsible freelancers Every Digital Marketing strategy is based on established deadlines. If you hire a freelancer, you must make it clear that there are times that you have to respect and comply with. Find out professional email list reputation and what their previous jobs have been, so you will avoid any inconvenience.

Copy the strategies of others It is very common to see professional email list Digital Marketing strategies -or the same- in social networks. Find out who your target audience is, the media in which they move the most and create original content based on real stories. The content that is most accepted by users are videos and infographics. Making Contents is a digital agency specialized in producing these types of content. 5. Don't be afraid Many of the brands leave their blog aside because they do not have the basic knowledge to write a text or make an infographic. If you are not trained, hire a Digital Marketing agency to manage your blog.
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